7 Champion

Welcome to 7 c’s Blog ..
It’s our lovely moment to share our happiness , information , and knowledge in our blog. It’s 100% our own creation. Just enjoy and give a simple comment for us. And let us to improve our mistakes and becomes a better blog than now. Thanks for 7c’s students and teachers that already makes this blog and support us every time. GOD BLESS YOU ALL ..

Our Lovely People on 7C :

Miss Endah D , Miss Ruth A , Virenna T , Sean A , Brilliant D , Anastasia C , Dinda P , James R , Juan S , Judith D , Nixon L , Novelia K , Ria F , Rio W , Ronald A , Sarah G , Sinthia D , Spazio J , Theovanus , Stefannie C , Arvella E , Rufus I , Leonardo T , Jonathan G , Genevieve L , Madeline A , Deskyan W , Joshua E.

Also our best teacher and support when making this blog : Mr Steven Sutantro (Social’s Teacher) We hope he becomes better than now. God Bless You , Sir ..


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